New Artist Spotlight: July – Honor Bowden

New Artist Spotlight: July – Honor Bowden

Posted on 06 July 2023

A Gold Coast-based artist and designer, Honor Bowden is known for her captivating, impressionist landscapes which draw inspiration from the natural beauty she is surrounded with. This inspiration forms the basis of her new "Summer Reverie" Collection, immersing the viewer in the carefree and whimsical atmosphere of pre-sunset bliss. These semi abstract works burst with life and energy, as layers of acrylic and oil pastel dane together, creating a symphony of texture and colour.

Each artwork in this series is titled with a nod towards the joys of summers and of the beach, inviting an embrace of a carefree, playful and relaxed spirit. Perfect for bringing a touch of summer relaxation and tropical vibes into any space, Honor's contemporary coastal artworks carry a sense of calm escape that resonates strongly.

Honor paints with an experimental approach, working intuitively on multiple pieces simultaneously to allow a fluid exchange of creativity and inspiration. Combining a vibrant palette, rich textures and diverse mixed media techniques, she is inspired by the impressionist movement, but not solely constrained by its conventions.

"My paintings are an invitation to escape, to dream, and to find peace."

Check out Honor Bowden's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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