New Artist Spotlight: July – Kylie Richards

New Artist Spotlight: July – Kylie Richards

Posted on 15 July 2021

Kylie Richard's beautiful photographic prints explore the nature of time and beauty in the close details and changing textures and forms of her botanical subjects. She explores the resilience of nature and its abilities to adapt and change.

An enthusiastic photographer with a passion for botanical photography, Kylie finds her photography as an outlet that allows her to focus on one thing and lose herself in the creative process. She has always been fascinated by the small details in nature, and with photography and scanography her passion for capturing these images has been sparked. Kylie explores the incredible resilience of nature, its ability to adapt to environments and to continue to shine in unusual conditions. By immersing her subjects in ice or water, or observing them as they change or decay over time, Kylie discovers and captures the subtle changes and unique beauty found below the surface.

I have always been fascinated by small details in nature and have always had a camera in my hand. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to the technique of scanography that my passion for capturing these images was sparked. I now alternate between scanography and photography depending on the subject.

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