New Artist Spotlight: January – Liselle Powell

New Artist Spotlight: January – Liselle Powell

Posted on 05 Jan 2023

Having practiced and studied Art, Illustration and Graphic Design for most of her life, Liselle Powell is passionate about bringing to life her creative concepts and beautiful inspiration. Whether she uses a pen on paper, a paint brush or software on a computer, Liselle loves creating stunning pieces with a focus on design inspired decor.

Living in Perth with her three young children, Liselle has only recently thrown herself back into her creative expression after a career path working office jobs in project management and engineering companies. She has been loving the process, and has taken every opportunity to learn and experiment with her work. Liselle Powell has been part of RAW Perth, as well as running painting workshops and participating in several group exhibitions.

Liselle's paintings have a focus on quality, simplicity, originality as well as the use of earth loving, sustainable tools and materials.

"I love to paint. I love colour, and have recently started dreaming about it, and referencing in my work. I'm influenced very much by my surroundings." – Liselle Powell

Liselle now finds herself painting in a journalistic fashion, documenting the landscapes and events around her. Taking inspiration from well loved places she has visited, often more than once, as well as sights and items closer to home, Liselle's artworks become a window into a natural landscape.

Check out Liselle Powell's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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