New Artist Spotlight: May - Cameron Shelton

New Artist Spotlight: May - Cameron Shelton

Posted on 24 May 2021

The dominant themes that Cameron explores through his work are of nature, place and connectedness. Through his observations of culture, plants, and landscapes both on a macro and micro scale, he investigates patterns, structure, form and light.

His current series of abstract landscape painting are primarily inspired by, and use the study of casuarina seed pods as a jumping off point. These works are abstractions attempt to convey the beauty and complex geometry of these jewel-like forms. In these magnified micro landscapes Cameron uses tools such as scale, colour, and repetition to convey surface patterns, and explores this further by flattening, distorting and manipulating these arrangements.

"Having grown up on the outskirts of Melbourne the natural world has informed much of my creative development. The dominant themes that I explore through my work are of nature and connectedness. Through my observations of culture, plants, and landscapes, both on a macro and micro scale, I investigate patterns, structure, form and light."

Through techniques of layering, masking and shaping, Cameron's works become subtly complex, and hold intricate details and textures on closer inspection. Cameron is particularly interested in the way light interplays and alters his works, and the changing light during creation is an integral part of his process.

"Changing light alters the work’s appearance and visual weight, thus helping to inform my decisions on how to develop each piece. These ethereal changes from moment to moment are something I wish to imbue in my images."

Check out Cameron Shelton's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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