New Artist Spotlight: May - Jennifer Hopper

New Artist Spotlight: May - Jennifer Hopper

Posted on 20 May 2021

Jennifer's art journey has been full of creative detours; a B.A. in Fashion Design, acting, wedding planning and an Arts Reporter for Triple J - but what she really wanted was to turn her passion for creating her own art into a career. She is now making that dream a reality, taking every spare moment to dip a brush into paint and develop her art.

For Jennifer, Art has always been her way of holding on to the beauty she sees around her. Playing with the possibilities of paint is her way of living inside the images that capture her attention for that little bit longer. She is drawn to light filtering through trees, the way colours can express or influence the way we feel, and the dynamics of motion.

"I love to explore the way that one colour can play against another, or how a mark might convey a feeling that no word can express."

Her abstract works have lead her to new discoveries and a deeper understanding of colour and composition as she focusses on creating art that communicates a sense of joy and wonder. Jennifer's works are deep, layered explorations of colour, and through blending, texturing and layering she creates works with a deep connection and expression of emotion.

"In the last couple of years I have been finding both freedom and a new set of challenges in abstraction. I am focussed on creating art that resonates with other people and communicates a sense of joy and wonder."

Check out Jennifer Hopper's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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