New Artist Spotlight: November – Shane Bonsujet

New Artist Spotlight: November – Shane Bonsujet

Posted on 02 Nov 2022

Shane Bonsujet is passionate about art, music, self-development, growth, self discovery and finding peace, and his artworks can often best be described as emotionally driven outsider art. With an instinctual and free flowing method, Shane's artworks explore themes of identity, social issues, identity and ethnicity, healing and love.

"I was always the kid that scribbled on walls and anything I could find. This drove my parents mad but they soon saw that I had a some talent and I wasn’t going to stop." – Shane Bonsujet

Born in Zimbabwe, Shane spent his childhood there before moving to Australia with his family at the age of 14. It was here that Shane discovered an early passion for art under his primary school art teacher, renowned South African artist Craig Bone. With a foundation in wildlife and realistic art, Shane grew to discover a love for cartoons and illustration, and was inspired by a variety of artists such as Picasso, Banksy, Jean Michel Basquiat and others. With a current focus on naive and neo-expressionistic styles, Shane's art draws from his experiences, memories, knowledge and thoughts, allowing him an endless supply of reference.

"I often reflect on my work as exploring refined ideas in an unfiltered manner. The consistency comes in my work being free flowing and purely instinctual regardless of style. I embrace imperfection and painting is an intuitive but cathartic process for me. " – Shane Bonsujet

Plugging in his headphones, Shane goes where his brush takes him, using mark making and text elements to convert the complex visualisation in his mind. Art is a therapy for Shane, bringing healing on painting at a time.

Check out Shane Bonsujet's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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