New Artist Spotlight: October – Ebony Taylor

New Artist Spotlight: October – Ebony Taylor

Posted on 20 Oct 2022

As a self-taught artist, Ebony Taylor juggles her many roles as a mother, small business owner of a dental practice and primary school teacher. Between time given to these responsibilities, Ebony has recently begun painting as a creative outlet. This passion-project has now grown into a daily ritual.

Ebony's painting gives her a sense of calm and happiness, reflected in her fun and vibrant artworks. A lover of ceramics, fabrics, glassware and retro homewares, Ebony is never short of inspiration and props for her still life paintings, and these collected items often give her modern-style pieces a retro twist.

"I love to sew and have had an online business selling baby comforters, called Hello Mopsy. Painting has become my favourite past time though, and I stay up late to paint most nights! When I was a child I always wanted to be an artist." – Ebony Taylor

Ebony believes that art should tell a story, and spends a lot of time and thought into naming her curious and captivating artworks. Her favourite thing about selling her art is knowing that someone else has connected to her work, and that it will bring colour and joy into their home.

Check out Ebony Taylor's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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