New Artist Spotlight: May – Trish Crampton

New Artist Spotlight: May – Trish Crampton

Posted on 31 May 2023

Sydney Based artist and painter Trish Crampton has been painting, drawing and creating her entire life. Having studied printmaking at Sydney College of Arts, Trish then went on to attain a Diploma of education in Wagga Wagga. Trish has now been a practicing artist since college, exhibiting in numerous solo and group shows, as well as having been an art educator for 30 years.

"My whole life, pretty much, I've made art of some kind. I love painting vessels and still life vanitas. Inspired by Italian artist, Morandi and his quiet, contemplative still life paintings, I produce calm, monochromatic images"

Working from her home (a beautiful 130 ear old sandstone cottage) in Sydney, Trish is inspired every day in her studio space – filled with beautiful vessels and collected curios that often form the basis of her paintings. Each piece has its own personality, history, and unique quirks, grouped together in her still life compositions Trish feels they create a dialogue between the objects and the viewer, each artwork containing a narrative. Trish hopes that her works bring both joy and calmness to those who enjoy them.

Alongside still life artworks, Trish also enjoys working with landscapes, inspired by her trips and experiences.

"I also love my journals and sketch books, pretty much a daily ritual. Whilst on a trip overseas, I captured the experience in ink and water colour sketches in my travel journal. Those images are available in print form. Commissioned images in ink and watercolour have become a pleasure to create since the trip."

Check out Trish Crampton's currently available works by clicking the button below.

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