The Carousel: 6 Tips for Art Investment

The Carousel: 6 Tips for Art Investment

Posted on 07 Sept 2022

Art to Art's Director Philippa Demase sat down with The Carousel, to discuss her tips and tricks on investing in beautiful art on a budget. As the curator of Art to Art, Philippa is an expert on collecting stunning pieces that will bring joy to your home, while not breaking the bank.

Check out The Carousel's Marie-Antoinette Issa's interview with Philippa below.

An expert’s advice on investing in affordable art

If you aspire to invest in a Picasso-esque painting, but your Mastercard won’t extend to a masterpiece budget, then we have good news – good artwork doesn’t actually even need to be expensive.

In fact, according to Philippa, price should not necessarily be the first factor you take into consideration when looking to invest in a unique piece of art.

“When purchasing a piece of artwork, my best advice is to be sure it’s a piece you can’t live without. You want something you love, feel a connection to, and not merely a decoration to match your rug when you hang it at home!”

Pay pennies for affordable art (that looks like a million bucks)

But is it possible to buy a piece of artwork you adore that’s actually affordable?

Philippa believes so, and also suggests the five following tips

  • Opt for originals: In addition to avoiding fake or mass-produced reproductions (which generally hold little to no value and therefore won’t deliver a strong return on investment), Philippa strongly recommends buying original artwork that is works-on-paper and limited-edition prints signed by the artist.
  • Buy from a living artist: This is generally a more affordable option and the artwork will age and appreciate with you.

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