Winter / Spring Catalogue collection out now

Winter / Spring Catalogue collection out now

Posted on 04 Aug 2023

Inspire and refresh your space with these beautiful original artworks, carefully curated into our Winter/Spring collection! Now is the time to make your home your favourite place to be, whether you're after a dramatic showstopper or a touch of colour and joy, there's an original artwork created by a talented artist just around the page.

This catalogue is helpfully ordered into size categories, so shopping for your next original artwork is easier than ever.

Large Artworks:
Create impact and a dramatic effect in your home with a large showstopper artwork that promises to leave a lasting impression. Discover our collection of large artworks, where you don’t have to compromise your budget for the sake of style.

Small Artworks:
A beautiful small-sized artwork can effortlessly bring a pop of colour, a tasteful accent, or a touch of originality to your space. These ready-to-hang, originals are perfect for any sized home. Browse this collection of affordable, unique, space-efficient small originals.

Secondary Art Market:
Explore our carefully curated collection of pre-owned art available on our Secondary Art Market (S.A.M.), featuring exquisite pieces from renowned Australian artists. Each artwork is in excellent condition, presenting a rare opportunity for you to discover and acquire a piece that is ready to be re homed and loved once again.

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