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Unearthed Art Prize 2023 Finalists

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Winners Announced!

Congratulations RITA STELLA – Winner of the 2023 Unearthed Art Prize with her artwork 'Appreciation', and AMY COMPTON – Winner of the 2023 People's Choice Award with her work 'Soft Summer'

Well done to all our amazing 26 finalist artists for our 2023 Unearthed Art Prize. Check out all the works and read about the artists and their inspirations for each entry below.

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All finalists works are on display in our gallery until March 24.

All artworks are 54 x 64 cm, framed and available for sale at $550 each. Enquire today to purchase.

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Amanda Ogilby Another Slice Please Framed site2

"Another Slice Please" by Amanda Ogilby
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Amanda Ogilby paints full-time in her home studio in WA, overlooking the bush and her beloved garden. Since taking up her art career in 2018, Amanda has concentrated on developing her style and palette, and is inspired by familiar treasures and overlooked items. She especially enjoys the texture of oil paints and the way each brush mark gives her a presence in the piece as the artist.

‘Another Slice Please’ combines elements of the familiar that surround us everyday. Inspired by Amanda’s desire for a cosy, restful retreat, this work is an imagined landscape abundant with small details. Each element gives the viewer pause to look closer, and encourages a connection to memories of their own.

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Amy Compton Soft Summer Framed

"Soft Summer" by Amy Compton
Mixed media and acrylic on canvas - Available

A Tasmanian based artist and mum of three, Amy Compton is incredibly passionate about her art and her career as an artist. What began as a hobby quickly turned into her calling. Amy has recently been accepted as stall-holder in Hobart’s famous Salamanca Market and has also ventured into wearable art, creating scarves, aprons, tote bags and more, all featuring her artworks.

Having recently moved to Tasmania from busy Sydney, Amy has found her new surroundings to provide endless inspiration in its varied colours, rolling hills, omnipresent seaside and rich flora. ‘Soft Summer’ draws from the area around her home, with its undulating landscape and harmonious colours.

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April Ireland Shapes In the Landscape Framed

"Shapes in the Landscape" by April Ireland
Acrylic on canvas - Available

Hailing from the Gold Coast, April is an abstract/landscape artist who has long held a love of art. From a young age she sketched and coloured anything and everything, with painting in particular as her favoured outlet. Having spent much of her time as a radiographer, April now prefers to spend her days outside, immersed in nature.

As an abstract artist April loves to question the connection between the outside world and how our imaginations perceive it. Inspired by a stroll along Hinze Dam, April wanted to evoke a feeling of relaxation and wonder with her piece ‘Shapes in the Landscape’.

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Brenda Willis Peggy and me Framed small

"Peggy and Me" by Brenda Willis
Acrylic on canvas - SOLD

As a child, Brenda grew up on a farm in North West NSW, with plenty of room for a myriad of animals, space to roam and a passionate creative nature to bloom. Since then she has lived on the beach, overseas and now in the leafy suburbs of Sydney. Always creating, she is inspired by natural spaces, amazing animals and the strength of the human figure. Her most recent art journey has grown from smaller artworks in graphite & watercolour pencils to larger acrylic canvases, all with a common love of colour, lines and shade.

At her parents country home there is a large family of Magpies, with a new group to meet each time they visit. Cheeky, musical, friendly and loyal, the Magpie is a great reminder that friends don’t have to be human. ‘Peggie and Me’ represents this connection to the country and the wild friendships to be had.

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Bronwyn Smart Solitude Framed

"Solitude" by Bronwyn Smart
Photographic print on canvas - SOLD

Having trained as an Occupational Therapist working in various hospitals around the world, Bronwyn is a family photographer recently exploring landscape photography. Lately she has also been experimenting with hand finishing her artworks with gold foil or palette knife textures, and has explored how her photographic works often lend themselves to different medias and sizes.

Bronwyn Smart’s style is minimalist and calming, often with hues of pink and blue. ‘Solitude’ draws on these subtle tones and an uncomplicated feel – with the viewer’s eye drawn to the solitude of the single person at the end of the pier.

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Deb O Neill I found you Framed website

"I Found You" by Deb O'Neill
Acrylic and oil on canvas - SOLD

Forging a career in graphic design, Deb O’Neill has since continued to explore a range of art styles as a means of expressing her inner-self. Reflecting her need to find order from chaos without being too constrained to social ideals, Deb’s work usually includes repetitive patterns and organic shapes in simple colour combinations.

Reminding her of the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi, perfectly imperfect, Deb is mesmerised by the organic patterns found in nature. ‘I Found You’ is how she felt when she first started painting in this style, and found herself.

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Deborah Taylor Tangled Journey 1 Framed Website

"Tangled Journey 1" by Deb Taylor
Acrylic on canvas - Available

Having moved to the Bellarine Peninsula nearly five years ago Deb feels like she is on holiday – even though she still works part time. Her days are relatively peaceful by the ocean with time to enjoy morning yoga and beachside walks. Deb is well versed in the art world, having completed a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma in Visual arts, as well as Post Grad studies in printmaking.

Finding inspiration through all her senses, Deb always has music playing in the studio, and describes her work as a dance between chance, intention and intuition. ‘Tangled Journey 1’ evokes beachside walks under the coastal ti-tree and moonah trees. Forms and lines are based on memories of tangled seaweed, map-like patterns of exposed roots and the negative space of criss-crossing tree branches against the sky.

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Deb Pavletich Gloria Framed small

"Gloria" by Deb Pav
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Having followed her passion for creativity throughout her life, Deb has worked in fashion design, colour, interiors and even food – but her first true love has always been art. These days she owns and operates a Bed & Breakfast on the Mornington Peninsula, painting whenever she can.

Since her return to painting in early 2020, Deb has been learning and experimenting with materials and genres to find her voice as an artist. She has recently discovered the enjoyment and challenges in working with oils, and is drawn to the natural beauty found in the creation og florals, land/seascapes and portraits. ‘Gloria’ aims to capture the glory emanating from within this peony.

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Hayley Thompson Beach Treasures Framed small

"Beach Treasures" by Hayley Thompson
Acrylic on canvas - SOLD

As an aspiring painter eager to start her art career, Hayley Thompson has been developing her style and studio practice and putting her work out there in the world since her early childhood. She has won The Young Australian Artist of the Year Award 5 times, and has been runner up 4 times as well as being a winner in the Kingston Arts ‘Artz Blitz’ youth prize. Since graduating school in 2020, she has been working in the Art Shed at Moorabbin, helping other artists find their inspiration and creating their own masterpieces.

Inspired by her life near the beach, this work shows the many treasures waiting to be found amongst the sand.

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Haylie Breen Roger Framed small

"Roger" by Haylie Breen
Watercolour, gouache and acrylic on canvas - SOLD

As a child, Haylie spent her free time creating collages, picking flowers, photographing butterflies and catching tadpoles, and now believes her art to be a reconnection to her treasured childhood memories. Having studied art but been pulled into the responsibilities of life, Haylie is now dreaming of making art her priority.

Recently, Haylie’s subjects have been Australian, botanical and animal-themed as seen in this piece, ‘Roger.’ She has been obsessed with Black Cockatoos since her youth, and notes that they are representational of change and enlightenment for First Nation Australians; heralds of the coming rain and guardians to the spirits of loved ones on their journey to rest amongst their Ancestors.

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Andrade Helen where do you end and I begin Framed small

"Where Do You End and I Begin" by Helen Andrade
Acrylic on canvas - Available

Describing herself as an intuitive sensitive person, Helen Andrade is open to the world around her; experiences, nature, people and their individualities. Helen has worked in Art Therapy for the ten years, and has found the experience to be both humbling and rewarding, sitting with others as they find their individuality through the art process.

This artwork is about the raw energy of human interaction, and the emotional projection between two people. We are all different and similar, and effect one another on all sorts of levels throughout the day. Helen has imbued this piece with a lot of energy, movement and rawness.

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Honor Bowden Rising Tides Framed Small

"Rising Tides" by Honor Bowden
Acrylic, oil pastel and pencil on canvas - Available

Living with her husband and kids in Currumbin on the Gold Coast, Honor’s works are endlessly inspired by her coastal hometown, and draw on the collective memories we all have of the coast to evoke feelings of nostalgia. Honor is excited to build a connection with fellow artists, and runs a design business where she shares her knowledge and skills around artist branding.

As an impressionist land/seascape painter, Honor paints intuitively with blends of colour, texture and mixed media pieces, and often works on several pieces at once. This piece is a tribute to memories created with her kids and the connection they
have shared with their surroundings.

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Jacqueline Joosen Fragile World Framed Small

"Fragile World" by Jacqueline Joosen
Mixed Media on canvas - SOLD

Having emigrated from the The Netherlands in 1982, Jacqueline has worked with ceramics, sculpting and silver smithing for over 30 years. After arthritis in her fingers impacted such finely detailed work she took to painting, and has discovered a passion about this new phase of her life. Staging her first solo show in 2022, Jacqueline’s works come from a love of the natural world, organic texture and forms.

Jacqueline’s paintings aim to explore her subconscious mind and capture the fundamental essence of her perceived reality, each piece beginning with no particular concept in mind. Building layer upon layer, she works until the subject reveals itself. ‘Fragile World’ depicts how something seemingly strong and stable actually hangs on by fragile threads that can be quickly damaged through events such as war or natural disasters.

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James Brookman The Sausage and the Fear Small

"The Sausage and the Fear" by James Brookman
Digital artwork print on paper – SOLD

A self-taught artist based in Melbourne, though originally from the UK, James Brookman draws inspiration from current affairs, pop culture and the peculiarities of life in Australia. His works explore the humour in day-to-day situations, through the use of vibrant and expressive colours, with an often cartoonish style.

Each artwork is undertaken digitally and then printed. Depicting the famous Bunnings sausage sizzle, this piece gets the following caption: “Stop being such a wiener.” “This isn’t the time for jokes.”

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Jan Dowie Roadtripping Framed Small

"Roadtripping" by Jane Dowie
Acrylic on canvas – SOLD

Jane Dowie’s artworks are a response to the land and seascapes that surround her in coastal southwest Victoria – where she is a mum of four as well as a primary art educator. Jane is an avid ocean swimmer, and spends much of her time ferrying her boys to and from the local surf breaks.

As a child, Jane counts herself lucky to have been on many a roadtrip with van in tow. These experiences have shaped her family holidays, and this artwork is a response to the places they were lucky enough to visit. Rolling hills, cypress lined paddocks and winding dirt tracks all appear in the layers of paint.

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Laura Oczos Last Thing She Knew He Lived in the West Framed small

"Last Thing She Knew He Lived in the West" by Laura Oczós
Mixed Media on canvas - SOLD

A finalist in the 2022 Unearthed Art Prize, Laura has since launched her own website and exhibited works in the Toowoomba Gallery. Having studied fine art in the early 2000’s, Laura then followed a career as a special education teacher. Recently she made the change to part time – and has rekindled her passion for art with an aim to make it her full time career.

This piece is inspired by various forms of cartography, and explores how memory and meaning can change through retelling and remembering. Utilising various painterly and mark-making techniques, these memories emerge as maps; visual timestamps providing proof of her existence.

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Lynda Sterns The Embrace Framed small

"The Embrace" by Lynda Sterns
Mixed media on canvas - Available

Lynda has spent the last 20 years painting bespoke pieces for a children’s interiors shop in Melbourne. In 2022 she wound that business down to focus on honing her contemporary painting skills. Lynda loves to experiment with her painting style and subject matter, and continues to find herself stimulated by the styles and subjects around her.

In a day where so much digital manipulation exists, Lynda wanted to strip back the filters and create a modern and thought-provoking figurative work. What began as some pieces to help loosen her style has taken her in a new direction.

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Meg Frances Quarters Halves and Wholes Framed small

"Quarters, Halves and Wholes" by Meg Frances
Acrylic on canvas - SOLD

Meg Frances loves the outdoors and spends her holidays exploring country towns and beaches across Australia with her family. This and her home surrounded by bush and garden provides much of her inspiration for painting. Working as a relief primary school teacher at her children’s school, Meg can make time for her passion, and took it up again more seriously in late 2021.

A self taught artist specialising in still life arrangements of everyday life – particularly native flowers and fruits paired with interesting ceramics and fabrics, this work depicts an abundant harvest of limes grown in her mum’s garden this summer.

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Megan Drennan Holy Mackeral Framed small

"Holy Mackerel" by Megan Drennan
Acrylic on canvas - SOLD

An avid equestrian, Megan has been drawing and painting animals for as long as she can remember. While art took a back seat to her business and competing in equestrian events, a hip injury a few years ago resulted in Megan rediscovering her love of painting and drawing. Enjoying it more than ever, Megan loves being immersed in the moment and seeing a piece emerge for the canvas.

Megan enjoys taking her own reference photos for her paintings, whether her neighbours sheep, cattle and goats, or the birds and landscapes around her. Megan’s husband is a fisherman, and she has many photos of his catches, easily paired with her love of lemons and stripes.

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Rachel Rae Little Bay Which Way Framed small

"Little Bay Which Way" by Rachel Rae
Acrylic on canvas - SOLD

Born in Melbourne, Rachel Rae moved to Sydney for work in publishing, where she met her husband and started her family. Rachel finds walking in nature to be meditative, each beautiful composition she sees an inspiration for her paintings. She focuses on the interconnection we share with nature, and likes to show that connection and memory through her artworks.

‘Little Bay’ is a hidden gem near where Rachel lives. Walking down a flight of stairs reveals a sheltered vision of aquamarine water through the foliage. Many people come to enjoy the beach, and Rachel wanted to capture as many activities as she could in this artwork.

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Rebecca Dzartov Air Framed small

"Air" by Rebecca Dzartov
Digital art printed on vinyl - Available

Since starting a tattoo apprenticeship at the age of 16, Rebecca quickly discovered the need to create art on more than people’s bodies. She creates work both digitally and with mixed-media on canvas, often using recycled plastic which allows her to share her work with visually impaired family members.

Inspired by both science and spirituality, this work represents the element of air and the omnipresence of God, its symmetry reflecting natural expansion.

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Richard Morden Gilly and the Cat Framed small 2

"Gilly and Cat" by Richard Morden
Watercolour monoprint on Hosho paper - SOLD

Richard has been an illustrator for many years, and has worked on more than a hundred educational books and countless other commissions. An active member of the illustration community, he was president of Illustrators Australia in 2017 and 2018.

With a career focused on the visual delivery of a narrative or concept with simplicity, clarity and attractiveness, this work is from a series of monoprints made from observation. Combining nudes drawn from life with cats from reference and imagination, these scenes explore playful domestic idyls of connection, vulnerability and intimacy.

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Rita Stella Appreciation Framed small

"Appreciation" by Rita Stella
Acrylic on canvas - SOLD

As a former dentist, Rita now runs the practice from home while raising her three young children. Though she studied Art Production in VCE, she only painted sporadically until the lockdown in 2021 – it was then that she began following tutorials on YouTube, and now paints almost daily.

Taking inspiration from everyday life, Rita notes how easy it is to appreciate the beauty of a flower, but how rarely attention is paid to the stems that support them, nourish them and raise them up for the world to see.

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Tarnya Hook Marigolds in a field Part 1 Framed Small

"Marigolds in a Field" by Tarnya Hook
Acrylic on canvas - SOLD

With a BA in Fashion design, Tarnya has enjoyed a successful and creative career in the fashion industry, but has now returned to her love of painting with commitment and gratitude. Loving abstract painting, photography and watercolours, Tarnya expresses her emotions through bold colour and movement. Living in Melbourne with her husband, two creative kids and a home full of furry and scaly pets, Tarnya absolutely loves what she does.

Constantly inspired by light Tarnya is fascinated by the way it creates movement, colour, shape and mood in the world around us.

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Ujala Aftab Weariness Framed small

"Weariness" by Ujala Aftab
Hand embroidery on fabric - Available

Originally from Pakistan, Ujala graduated in Textile Design and worked in the fashion industry for six years. Following the pandemic she rediscovered her love of portraiture, where every face has a story to tell. Having specialised in embroidery, Ujala aims to capture this in her unique technique of drawing with thread – hand stitching with one thread, and manipulating its thickness to create tonal values.

Ujala is inspired by expressions and how they communicate without words. Weariness can be defined as a ‘reluctance to see or experience any more of something,’ and this emotional tiredness while physically carrying on with life was a feeling she wanted to capture and communicate in this work.

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Vanessa Maver Best Laid Plants Framed Small

"Best Laid Plants" by Vanessa Maver
Acrylic on Canvas - Available

A self described introvert, Vanessa loves being in the quiet and getting into the zone while painting. Following the birth of her son a few years ago, Vanessa began to explore painting further and found she could not get enough. Listening to art and business podcasts and following other artists, Vanessa began to create her own art practice, and after her branding agency work slowed down following the pandemic she gained the space to truly develop herself as an artist.

Recently she has become obsessed with still life painting – mostly collected house plants, crockery and textiles. Drawing from a top down perspective creates various shapes and compositions different to the usual still life paintings.

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